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Developing the study and practice of Individual Psychology and Adlerian Counselling in the Cambridge area through a rolling programme of workshops, talks and certificated training courses to Diploma level.

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Brief History

The Cambridge Adlerian Society was started in 1990 to act as a forum to promote and discuss the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler. It grew from the wish of former students of the Adlerian training course at Bottisham Village College to keep in touch and continue learning about Individual Psychology and Adlerian approaches during les dates officielles gouv des vacances scolaires en France métropolitaine et outremer.

Membership is open to all, and we particularly encourage membership from people who have not undertaken this training but are interested in learning about Adlerian ideas and concepts, whether you are a counsellor from a different background, or someone who is interested in learning about how the ideas can be used in the context of work, school or the home.

In the past we have run many workshops on a mixture of Adlerian and non-Adlerian topics, monthly discussion groups and talks, social events, a self-development group, a Family Day including a Family Counselling demonstration, and an occasional newsletter.

The Adlerian emphasis on Gemeinschaftsgefühl or ‘social interest’ and ‘community feeling’ means that we are a friendly group welcoming new members who want to contribute usefully to society.

CAS contact

Margaret Nimmo-Smith
Phone: 01223 778667



Room-hire for discussion evenings incurs a cost and we need money for mailing, refreshments, and annual grants which may in certain circumstances be awarded as a bursary for attending Adlerian Summer Schools or other training events. We therefore ask members for a nominal amount of £5 a year to support the Society and to keep in touch. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Cambridge Adlerian Society’ and sent to: CAS, 17 Mariners Way, Cambridge CB4 1BN. Thank you.
Please print and complete the form and send it to the above address.

NB: Names and addresses are kept on a database for mailing purposes only and are not divulged to third parties

Discussion Evenings

The venue for most of our talks is the St James Church Hall, Wulfstan Way, Queen Edith’s, Cambridge CB1 8QJ. All welcome for coffee/teas from 7.30pm. Talks start at 8pm and finish promptly by 9.30pm. £5 entry includes attendance certificate.
For details of forthcoming Discussion Evenings:

See below for information on:


Talks & workshops


Tasty hot drinks, excellent biscuits, reasonably comfy chairs and topical conversation with old and new friends and colleagues. All welcome. £5 entry.

Cambridge Adlerian Training Workshops

For booking queries and to check eligibility for concessionary rates, call 01223 811372 or email:


Unless otherwise stated, all Adlerian training events are held at Bottisham Village College, Lode Road, Bottisham, Cambridge CB5 9DL

Times for day workshops are 9.45am to 5pm (unless otherwise stated).
Tea and coffee are provided. Please bring food for a shared lunch.

For further details call 01223 811372 or email:
Office hours: Mon-Fri 9am-2pm, Tues & Thurs 7pm-9pm

Adlerian Summer School

London Lectures

Public lectures held by ASIIP (Adlerian Society UK and Institute for Individual Psychology) in London

Current details can be found at the ASIIP website

All lectures are held at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1. Nearest tube Holborn. Admission £7 (£4 concessions), starting at 7.30pm. All are welcome (no need to book).

Other events

International Summer School
International Committee for Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes

ICASSI 2019 is in Sibiu, Romania (14-27 July)

See the ICASSI website for information on the next summer school

Financial assistance for attending ICASSI is available in the form of scholarships and tuition assistance. Please contact the following regional representative for application forms:

Anthea Millar
3 Proctor Drive
Trumpington Meadows
Cambridge CB4 9BU


Annual Residential Conference

ASIIP’s Spring Conference 2019
Members and non-members equally welcome

Spring Conference & AGM was held at Lane End Conference Centre in Buckinghamshire

Counsellor training courses

Counselling Courses at Bottisham Village College, Cambridgeshire

Lode Road, Bottisham, CB25 9DL (01223 811372)

Summary of Counselling courses at Bottisham Village College
Introduction to Counselling
Certificate in Adlerian Counselling
Diploma in Adlerian Counselling
Advanced Certificate in Counselling Studies
Workshops for Advanced Certificate and Continuing Professional Development
Further details and how to apply
Bottisham Village College has been running professionally accredited counselling training since 1986. The courses presently include a range of training from introductory to advanced courses for experienced practitioners.

Adlerian Counselling derives from the work of the Viennese psychiatrist Alfred Adler (1870-1937), who developed many key concepts and practices that have now been absorbed into other systems. The evolving theories and practice of humanistic, cognitive and psychodynamic approaches all move close to a position adopted by Adlerian practitioners, identifying its integrative nature.


Introduction to Counselling

This 10 week course sets out a counselling framework and introduces basic counselling skills. This course is certificated through OCN (Open College Networks), it is based on 20 hours tuition and 10 hours private study.

This course, or one similar, is a pre-requisite to enter the Certificate level.

Certificate in Adlerian Counselling

This two year part time course (250 hours) provides a foundation in counselling theory, skills and personal development, using an integrative approach underpinned by Adlerian theory and practice.

Diploma in Adlerian Counselling

After completion of the Certificate in Adlerian Counselling or its equivalent, students may enter the two year Diploma programme (a further 200 hours training) plus clinical placement under supervision.

Advanced Certificate in Counselling Studies

This practice assessed modular training (75 or 100 hours) offers experienced practitioners and advanced students an opportunity to extend their professional development whilst building further training hours.

Continuing Professional Development

One and two day workshops, facilitated by internationally renowned practitioners are held regularly each term. These are open to all experienced practitioners and advanced students of counselling.


All training programmes subscribe to the the Ethical Framework for Good Practice of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (


Course Concept

This introductory course provides a mixture of practical listening skills, and an overview of some key counselling theories. The course will aim to develop both techniques and widen understanding, it is not aiming to be academic, it does however expect some reading and assignments to reinforce the learning.

Who is the Course aimed at?

This course is open to a wide range of people who have an interest in developing their communications and inter-personal skills. People just wanting to improve relationships through improved communications could find this course beneficial. For others it could be part of a long-term career plan towards becoming professional counsellors. Those involved in helping others might find this a means of developing their listening skills. Others needing to widen their people skills in the workplace could benefit, together with individuals from the caring professions, or in jobs with frequent interaction with people in crisis or distress.

Open College Network

This course is designed around the Open College Network qualification framework; it is hoped the majority of students will attain Credit Level Two of the OCN Unit titled Introduction to Counselling Skills/Nature of Counselling. This framework covers:


The course also provides for some (optional) exploration of a few of the major counselling theories.

Personal Development

Personal development is encouraged through the course to enable participants to:

Develop their self awareness
Identify their own attitudes and values
Understand the need for setting personal boundaries
Evaluate their own performance and the setting of personal goals
This course is designed as a ‘taster’ for anyone considering pursuing further counselling training and meets the pre-entry requirement for the Certificate programme.


Ten weekly evening meetings of 2 hours are run during term times.

Entry requirements

Open Entry


This well established two year part-time course of 250 hours provides a firm foundation in counselling theory, skills and personal development, using an integrative approach underpinned by the theory and practice formulated by Alfred Adler, whose thinking has influenced psychodynamic, cognitive and humanistic approaches.
Adlerian counselling takes an holistic view of the person in his or her social setting, exploring the purpose of the behaviour. It emphasises a counselling relationship based on equality, respect and encouragement.

The course presents both the theory and practice of counselling with an emphasis on experiential work and personal development. Students are required to have their own personal counselling during the course.


Two year programme, over six terms September–July, with new student entry every two years (next entry is [to be confirmed]). Ten weekly evening meetings (6.30-9.30pm) each term, plus 9 full day workshops at the weekends over the two years. There is an expectation of at least 5 hours study a week in addition to the training sessions.


This course is accredited by the Open College Network and the Adlerian Society UK.
Entry Requirements

Minimum age: 21 years
Students are required to have received a minimum of 15 hours introductory counselling skills training prior to beginning the course.
Acceptance on the course is subject to satisfactory interview.
An openness and capacity for learning, and a readiness for ongoing personal development, may prove more important than past academic achievement.

Year One

Year Two


Two core tutors are present at all training sessions. Other visiting specialist trainers present workshops and some evening sessions.


Following satisfactory completion of the Certificate in Adlerian Counselling, students are eligible to work towards the Diploma in Adlerian Counselling.

This involves a further 200 hours of training, which, with the Certificate, totals 450 hours of theory and skills, alongside ongoing personal development and a minimum of 150 hours supervised clinical practice. The Diploma equips students with the additional skills necessary to practise counselling on a professional basis.

The curriculum covers Advanced Counselling Skills, Clinical Issues and Psychopathology, Advanced Adlerian Approaches, Creative Approaches in Counselling, Comparative Approaches, Social and Cultural issues, and Ethical Practice. Internationally renowned trainers from the USA, Canada, Israel, Germany and the UK present the weekend workshops, as well as other specialists being invited to facilitate many of the evening sessions.


Two year programme over six terms (October-July) with new student entry every two years. There are five fortnightly evening meetings of 3 hours with the core tutor, plus 3 full day workshops at the weekends each term.

In relation to their clinical placement, students are also required to receive fortnightly training supervision sessions of one and a half hours throughout the two year training period.


This course is accredited by ASIIP (Adlerian Society UK and Institute for Individual Psychology), an organisational member of the BACP.
Entry requirements

Satisfactory completion of the Certificate in Adlerian Counselling. Evidence of equivalent training will also be considered.

Advanced Counselling Skills
Social Issues 1
Social Issues 2
Comparative Approaches
Creative Approaches
Clinical Issues and Psychopathology
Each term, there are 3 day workshops facilitated by practitioners well known in their field. Examples of workshops include: Brief Counselling, Counselling Adolescents and their Families, Comparative approaches in Therapy, Art Therapy, Psychodrama, Clinical Issues, Referral Issues, Medication and Counselling, Couples Counselling


Students receive guidance regarding appropriate clinical placements, and there are a number of agencies that offer placements for Bottisham students following satisfactory interview. Supervision is provided fortnightly in pairs with a training supervisor appointed by the course, and is a crucial part of the programme. Diploma tudents are required to complete a minimum of 150 hours satisfactory clinical practice.


Margaret Nimmo-Smith and Bruce Tate


Many other specialist and experienced presenters contribute to the training.


There are 75 hour and 100 hour options for this assessed modular training. It will be of interest to both experienced counsellors and advanced trainees, who wish to extend their professional development and also build their training hours in relation to accreditation requirements.

Internationally renowned practitioners from the USA, Canada, Germany, Israel and the UK are invited to present advanced training workshops. Students make a choice of modules, totalling 12 days, out of a wide range of modules on offer, tailoring the workshops to their own interests. Adlerian psychology underpins many of the workshops, offering an integrative approach that is relevant to practitioners coming from a wide range of other theoretical trainings.


Modules last one or two days, held at weekends, during term times. This is a rolling programme and students may join at any time, selecting modules totalling twelve days in order to achieve 75 hours training. This includes 3 hours of one to one tutorials, arranged at the mutual convenience of tutor and student.

The course is accredited by ASIIP, an organisational member of the BACP.

Set assignments include a written analysis after each module, journal summaries and a mini-dissertation. The core tutor will provide regular tutorials, assessment and guidance.
Entry Requirements

Students are required to have undergone a minimum of 250 hours counselling training, prior to attending these courses, and to complete an application providing two references.


for Advanced Certificate and Continuing
Professional Development

Weekend Workshops
Available as a 75 or 100 hour assessed training or as individual CPD workshops

Some examples of the wide choice of modules:

Presenter: Gerhard Baumer, Dip Psych
Reg Psychologist, Berlin, Germany

Presenter: Marion Balla, MED MSW RSW
Psychotherapist, Ottawa, Canada

Presenter: Dr Roy Kern
Psychologist, Consultant, USA

Presenter: Dr Betty-Lou Bettner PhD
Couples & Family Therapist, USA

Presenter: Alison Still
Counsellor & trainer, Cambridge

Presenter: Dr Frank Walton PhD
Psychologist & Consultant, USA

Presenter: Dr Rachel Shifron PhD
Psychotherapist, Israel

Presenter: Dr Peter Bailey
GP, Cambridge

Further workshops are planned from October 2011 (the programme may be subject to alteration)


All the modules offered on the Advanced Certificate in Counselling Studies Programme are also available to practitioners wishing to meet the Continuing Professional Development requirements of bodies such as the BACP or the UKCP.

Participants may apply to attend any of the modules advertised, and will receive a CPD certificate of attendance. Full details from the Adult Education Office, Bottisham Village College.


The central aim of the training method for all the programmes is on a blending of theory, practice and personal development. Each session aims to introduce theoretical concepts alongside experiential work in order to bring the theory alive. Use of group discussion, small group work, exercises in pairs and triads counselling skills practice are used as a fundamental part of the training.

There is an expectation for students to maintain regular reading of set texts and articles and keep up to date with assignments. Students are welcome to work together on assignments, and the tutors are available to offer support and guidance. Challenges to the concepts and processes presented are encouraged.

Each student on the assessed programmes is assigned a core tutor, with whom he or she has regular one to one tutorials as well as working in the smaller tutor groups.

Personal Counselling Requirements

Due to the large amount of experiential work, there is an expectation for students to work at a personal level from the outset of the course. To support this personal development students are required to receive personal counselling from recommended experienced counsellors. These cost are not included in the course fees and need to be budgeted for separately.


Assessment of each student’s theoretical understanding, skills and personal development is ongoing throughout the course, students needing to meet the learning outcomes for each year before moving on to the next. Self assessment and peer evaluation are encouraged, alongside the tutors’ evaluation of written and practical assignments.

If students are having difficulty, we aim for ongoing open and clear discussion to enable a mutually agreed decision regarding the student continuing the course. Procedures are available for students should they wish to make a complaint regarding any aspect of the course.

Further information and application process

Open Evenings

These optional sessions are held twice a year to enable prospective students to find out more about the courses, meet the tutors and talk to current students. The next Open Evenings are:

To be announced
The Introductory courses are open entry, with the standard Adult Education enrolment process.

The Certificate Programme runs every two years, requires completion of the application form, two full written references and evidence of 15 hours minimum counselling skills training, prior to beginning the training.

The Diploma Programme runs every two years, requires evidence of satisfactory completion of the Certificate Programme, or equivalent. For those entering form other programmes, completion of an application plus references, and an interview, similar to the Certificate programme, is arranged.

The Advanced Certificate is a rolling programme and students may join at any time. Evidence of a minimum of 250 hours prior counselling training plus completion of the application form and two references.

Continuing Professional Development:

All the workshops on the Advanced Certificate Programme are open to experienced counselling practitioners and advanced trainees.

Interviews for the Certificate and Diploma programmes are conducted by two tutors plus an external interviewer. Areas explored include:

relevant practical, professional and personal experience
how you plan to make use of the course
your strengths and weaknesses

what implications there might be for you and people around you in doing the course

Course fees:

Up to date information on the fees of all these courses may be obtained from Bottisham Village College - see contact details below.
Concessionary fees are available for all courses, and arrangements can be made to spread the payments over the period of the course.

Fees quoted for the Certificate and Diploma include all tuition, weekend workshops and tutorials. The cost of personal counselling and clinical supervision is additional to this.


Application forms and fee details are available from:

Phone: 01223 811372
Office hours: Mon-Fri 9am-2pm, Tues & Thurs 7pm-9pm
Fax: 01223 813015

For more information on any aspect of the courses please contact:

Alfred Adler

An introduction to Adler and his work is being rewritten and will be posted soon.

Adlerian Counselling derives from the work of the Viennese psychiatrist, Alfred Adler (1870-1937), who developed many key concepts and practices that have now been absorbed into other systems. The evolving theories and practice of humanistic, cognitive and psychodynamic approaches all move close to a position adopted by Adlerian practitioners, identifying its integrative nature.

It is a depth psychology that is socially-based, practical and optmistic. A great deal of importance is placed on creating a counselling relationship that is equal, co-operative, empathic and encouraging. To facilitate insight and movement, Adlerian counsellors frequently work with early recollections, dreams and metaphor and might use creative approaches such as art therapy, psychodrama and written exercises alongside the ‘talking therapy.’

Adler particularly emphasised the importance of community, and of family and teacher education, promoting a democratic approach to living, with a practical focus on encouraging children.

For further information about Adler’s life & work
For a guide to Adlerian books

Adlerian Counselling in & around Cambridge

If you are looking for an Adlerian counsellor in the Cambridge/Newmarket/Royston area, the following are experienced Adlerian practitioners who hold the ASIIP Diploma in Adlerian Counselling and offer both short and long term counselling.

Page last updated April 2019
In alphabetical order:

Jude Adcock
Tel: 07872 176056
BACP accredited:
Individuals & couples
Location: Cottenham (6 miles north of Cambridge)

Viv Bateman
Tel: 07544 544092
Individuals & couples, short and long term
Location: Cambridge, Burwell, Ely, Newmarket

Fiona Broadhurst
Tel: 07512 224806
BACP accredited:
Individuals, short and long term
Location: Cambridge, near Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Camilla Ghazala
Tel: 0870 850 2878
BACP accredited:
Individuals, couples, groups
Location: Newmarket

Julia Herrick
Tel: 01223 565158
Individuals, short and long term
Location: Fulbourn, Cambridge

Pam Hinds
Tel: 01223 892755
BACP accredited:
Individuals & couples. Speciality: survivors of abuse, relationship difficulties
Location: Linton, Cambridge

Jim Holloway
Tel: 01223 846884
8 Sefton Close, Cambridge CB4 9HY
BACP accredited:
Individuals, couples, groups; specialising in anger management
Location: Trumpington, Cambridge

Kim Lee-Own
Tel: 01638 721072 or 07767 205509
Individuals and families, short and long term
Location: Newmarket

Annie McKinney
Tel: 07896 110203
Location: near Newmarket

Anthea Millar
Tel: 01223 314827
BACP accredited:
Individuals, couples and families
Location: north side of Cambridge

Margaret Nimmo-Smith
Tel: 01223 778667
17 Mariners Way, Cambridge CB4 1BN
UKCP (CCPE) accredited:
Individual, couples and family work; speciality bereavement
Location: north side of Cambridge

Kathy Sutherland
Tel: 07810 746 737 or 01223 261061
BACP accredited:
Individuals & couples; short and long term
Location: Cambridge

Bruce Tate
Tel: 07522 580 606
Individuals, short- & long-term
Location: central Cambridge

If you are an ASIIP Diploma Holder and would like to be included on this list, please contact:

For contact details of Adlerian counsellors throughout the UK go to:
Adlerian Society UK Counselling Directory


Here are links to other Adlerian sites:

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